School Schedule


Student Time: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Mentor Time: 3 hours



Mentor Meeting: 30 minutes prior to the end of school bell.



10 minutes: Connect (peak /pit that occurred in the last 7 days) and Snack

5 minutes:   Total Recall (review questions from prior week(s))

10 minutes: Last Week’s “Next Step” Check-In (discuss and record)

5 minutes:   Step-Up-To-The-Mic (briefly share highlights and celebrate “Next Step” accomplishments)



30 minutes: Oceans of Motion (different activities: homework help, gym, board games, crafts)

5 minutes:   Bathroom Break

10 minutes: Minute-2-Win-It Team Building Competition



5 minutes:   “Have You Ever…” (brief intro to topic)

5 minutes:    Team “Discovery” Discussion (Find out what students think/know about topic before presentation)

20 minutes:  Multi-Media Presentation

5 minutes:    Personal Application (4 questions students quietly answer that help them arrive at their next step)

20 minutes:  Team “Next Step” Discussion and Academic Check-In

5 minutes:    Ninja Contest (who can clean up their area best) and Announcements


Mentor Debrief:

5 minutes:    Walk students to cars/busses, then security takes over making sure students are picked up.

10 minutes:  Share what went well, stories heard, opportunities for improvement, challenges, etc.