Our Solution

Elevate Students is a character-based and leadership development program that we help interested individuals and organizations implement in either an in-school or after-school setting.  The program is designed to help students navigate the uncharted territory of their teenage years. By charting a course that elevates students’ character, self-esteem, academic success, and leadership abilities; teenagers learn to point their feet in the right direction and take steps that open doors of endless opportunity. Elevate Students replaces hopelessness with help by…


  1. Providing HEROES in the form of coaches (mentors): Everyone needs up-close heroes in their life, reiterating and modeling the values they’ve hopefully heard and seen for years. Therefore, each student will be placed on a team of 6-8 students with one or two carefully chosen mentors.


  1. Teaching students to choose a life of HONOR: Much of life is a series of choices. Through interactive curriculum, students will learn to evaluate their choices and make decisions based on what honors (elevates) themselves, their futures, and others.