Your Next Step

Step 1: Check Out Elevate Students

Elevate Students is designed to be two 10-week seasons each academic year (10 weeks in the fall and 10 weeks in the spring), with easy on and off ramps for students and leaders to be a part of one or both seasons. Under the “Program Detail” tab at the top of the page, review examples of a typical schedule, the curriculum topics for the first season, a talk in detail, a student journal sheet, a leader tracking sheet, etc. Jot down questions as you go and then give us a call (678.481.1437) or email us (


Step 2: Connect with School Administrators

Meet with your local principal or district superintendent and cast the vision for the character-based and leadership development program. If you don’t know them, then find a well-connected parent, teacher, coach, etc. who can “lend you their status” (aka sing your praises). If you’re already connected to the school, this can be a quick process. If you aren’t, you may need to take some preliminary steps to show that you are trustworthy and committed. Schools need faithful leaders who will do what they say they will do!


Step 3: Find Volunteer Mentors

Find 8 to 15 mentors (coaches), a security person, and an administrative-type person. Groups are composed of 6-8 students and 1-2 mentors (coaches). Volunteers are often stay-at-home moms/dads, college students, retired veterans of the workforce, older high school students, and individuals/business owners able to make their own schedules. The security person monitors the door and makes sure the last student gets picked up. The administrative person helps with snacks, attendance, supplies, etc.


Step 4: Begin Transforming Lives

The final steps include giving your mentors basic training (the material is provided) and presenting to students through a brief lunch presentation, morning announcements, parent orientations, etc. Applications are given and returned, students are put into teams, and the greatest kick-off event ever to occur on planet earth takes place. Each week all the material is provided to ensure that minimal preparation is required and maximum impact occurs.